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Concerned about a border or boundary tree near a property line, or a tree near the shoreline? Removing or harming that tree without proper approvals may have serious consequences.

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As a Consulting Arborist, I can assist with your landscaping or other development or construction projects.  Tree Protection during construction, or any project, is vital.  Ensure you plant the right tree in the right place. I can help with tree selection, and tree planting.  I recommend to plant native species.  Let's green up Ontario.              

As a Certified Arborist I will meet with you on site and provide an official arborist report for you as a homeowner or business owner!

Peace of mind for you with regular inspections; and if required, diagnosis for any plant health care issues.

Concerned about a tree at your cottage or seasonal residence, but your primary residence is elsewhere. I will access your property, review the tree, and email you a report.  When on site, I can verify your property is safe and sound.

Assessing a tree during different seasons, including winter, has advantages.  

Changing weather patterns, more extreme weather events: I can access your property after a storm to assess for any tree damage

Schedule a Consultation, or
contact me to discuss your tree care needs.

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Trees Are Good

Natural Resources Canada

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Steve Hood

Certified Arborist            ON-0730-AU

International Society of Arboriculture


Invasive Species:


Check out IPM accreditation - Public Works.

Certified Butternut Health Assessor.

I can research and respond to your inquiries relating to these important subjects. 

I have many years experience in the field of forestry and arboriculture.  I am a graduate Forestry Technician Sir Sandford Fleming College. Four years with the Ministry of Natural Resources, then 32 years as a Utility Arborist/Forestry Technician with Ontario Hydro/Hydro One. 

As a Certified Utility Specialist/Utility Arborist I can assist you with Utility line clearing concerns for your Private Line, or service line to a home or cottage. I can write you a report, identify hazard vegetation.

If you are clearing for a private line,  or clearing your service line, I will identify hazardous vegetation, I can act as contract monitor to ensure the job is done right and meets requirements.

I can advise on what you as a private owner are responsible for, and what your local utility should manage. 

If any outage, or otherwise hazardous situation, call your utility.  If an immediate threat to your safety, dial 911.

ISA Ontario

OVMA Ontario Vegetation Management Association

Member Perth and District Horticultural Society

Ontario Woodlot Association


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